High Tide
11/14 03:52 PM
11/15 04:47 PM
11/16 05:42 PM
11/17 06:22 AM
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Divers Market Rents Only The Top Brands of Equipment

It is very easy to rent equipment from Divers Market. Our rentals are based on a twenty four-hour period. You may call in (508-746-3483) to reserve your equipment ahead of time. If you choose to reserve your equipment, payment is due at time of reservation.


  • Sorry, there are no refunds for unused rentals or cancellations.
  • Please note when renting a regulator, tank or BCD you must present a valid diver certification card.
  • Only one rental package per diver is allowed.
  • You may rent multiple tanks.
  • We have rinse troughs here at the store to rinse your equipment after use.
  • Our rental gear is regularly serviced. We also offer new gear demos to try out.
  • Extended rental prices are available for overseas trips. Please ask.

Rental Equipment 

Mask & Snorkel $10.00 $40.00  
Fins $10.00 $40.00  
Wetsuit Shorty $12.50 $43.75  
Wetsuit $20.00 $80.00 included
Drysuit      not available
Drysuit Divewear      not available
Hood $10.00 $40.00 included
Mitts NA NA  
Tank $18.50 $74.00 included
Tank High Pressure Steel $18.50 $74.00  
BC $20.00 $80.00 included
Regulator w/gauge console $20.00 $80.00 included
Regulator w/computer console $20.00 $80.00  
Weight Belt $10.00 $40.00 included
Gear Bag N/C while renting N/C included
Flag & Float $10.50 $52.00  
Dive Computer $15.00 $60.00  
Rental Package, 1 Tank $75.00 $260.00  
Rental Package, 2 Tanks  $85.00  $300.00  

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