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04/06 01:03 PM
04/07 01:41 PM
04/08 02:22 PM
04/09 03:05 PM
04/10 03:53 PM
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OS Systems Spirit



  • Model Shown: This is the SPIRIT-EC (SPRT-EC), the economy model, multi-purpose Surface Water Drysuit that is both waterproof and breathable.
  • Color: Top - Electric Blue, Charcoal Black, Fiesta Orange, Ground Shade, Woodland Camouflage, Digital Tiger Camouflage; Pants - Charcoal Black.
  • Materials: MICRO fabric, made from a three ply laminate having a micro denier exterior fabric, a waterproof breathable barrier membrane and a tricot fabric inside layer.
  • Design: All SPIRIT-EC Drysuits are designed withFreedom Cut™ features for complete and unrestricted freedom of movement. Sidearm Panel Gussets™ extend from the wrist all the way down the arm to the waist. The Crotch gusset extends from one ankle through the crotch and all the way down to the opposite ankle for unparalleled fit, function and freedom of movement.
  • Entry: Front diagonal entry, #8 diving quality, brass tooth zipper for easy and fast donning and doffing and guaranteed watertightness.
  • Suspenders: Each SPIRIT-EC comes with internal, installed suspenders.
  • Waist: Each SPIRIT-EC drysuit has an AC Waist™ (Adjustable Cord Waist) so each user can individually adjust the waist for a personal fit.
  • Reinforcing: 500 denier Cordura is used for the Butt Pad and the Knee Pads for strength and improved slip control.
  • Fabric Socks/Footwear: Each drysuit comes with waterproof/breathable fabric socks for comfort and increased durability. OS recommends using non-attached boots or footwear for the best individual fit, the best lace up ankle support, and the best walking and traction sole. NOTE: Fabric socks are designed to be worn inside some non-attached footwear option. Do not walk on the fabric socks without this protective footwear.
  • Seals: LongLife Latex™ commercial grade rubber neck and wrist seals are thicker and more durable (minimum thickness is .026"). Made in the USA. These seals are also easily replaceable. Seal specificationsand replacement instructions are available by clicking on these links.
  • Seams: Seams are double stitched for strength and fusion sealed on the inside for water tightness.
  • Testing: Each drysuit is individually tested under pressure and under water.
  • Warranty: Two year limited warranty. See Warranty page.
  • Sizing Chart: See USA Size Chart page. Specify if you need Short or Tall Size.

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