High Tide
02/01 11:33 AM
02/02 12:25 PM
02/03 01:17 PM
02/04 02:09 PM
02/05 03:01 PM
02/06 03:55 PM
02/07 04:23 AM
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Aqua Strobe
OUTDOOR, MARINE, SURVIVAL LIGHT Wherever you go, whatever your situation, this ultra-compact strobe will be ready when you need it. The smallest, most powerful strobe available anywhere, it will attach easily to your body or equipment. Operates for up to 8 hrs. on one AA battery. Can be seen for up to 3 miles in clear conditions. SPECIFICATIONS: Flash Rate:70 flashes per minute with fresh Alkaline Battery Batteries: 1 AA Duracell ® (Included) Burn Time: 8 hrs. Weight: 3.4 oz. with batteries Depth Rating: 2000 ft. Warranty: Lifetime

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