High Tide
09/09 11:29 AM
09/10 12:20 PM
09/11 01:09 PM
09/12 01:57 PM
09/13 02:45 PM
09/14 03:34 PM
09/15 04:24 PM
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OTS Guardian Full Face Mask
The Guardian was designed with a double seal, allowing for the comfort of both small and large faces and an equalizing system that fits virtually all noses. It has a low profile for superb visibility, and easily adjustable head straps and robust buckles. The hose comes off the right side.


* Full Face Mask in choice of colors

* Ambient breathing Valve for surface work.

* Easily removable 2nd Stage regulator (great for storage) with side air vent.

* Mask Bag-fits mask upside down for easy drainage.

* Regulator Hose (required).


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