High Tide
01/01 07:26 AM
01/02 08:20 AM
01/03 09:10 AM
01/04 09:57 AM
01/05 10:39 AM
01/06 11:19 AM
01/07 11:58 AM
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Seasoft Ti Stealth Boot

Seasoft introduced the SEASOFT Stealth™ boot more than 6 years ago and have continued to innovate and refine what has become a classic. Most branches of the US military, fire and law enforcement agencies around the world continue to use the SEASOFT Stealth™ boot as the best boot for military and rescue operations.

They use high quality neoprene and 2 layers of TITANIUM FLAKE FOIL ™ to ensure heat retention and toughness. They feature a fin guard, zipper keeper, and a toe cap. Our customers and leading dive magazines describe them as the best diving boots ever made.

A typical diver supports significant weight before entering the water. An elevated heel and arch support are crucial to providing adequate support to carry your tank, weights, BCD, and everything else that goes with it. This weight typically exceeds 100 lbs., so good footwear is very important! A flat bottom bootie puts the center of gravity on the heel. SEASOFT™ Boots elevate the heel so that the center of gravity is where it should be – on the balls of your feet and toes. This position maintains balance and control. Better control means a safer diver–the hallmark of SEASOFT™ products.


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