High Tide
01/01 07:26 AM
01/02 08:20 AM
01/03 09:10 AM
01/04 09:57 AM
01/05 10:39 AM
01/06 11:19 AM
01/07 11:58 AM
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DUI Weight & Trim Classic

The DUI Weight & Trim Classic gives the diver even more benefits than a weight-integrated BC without any of the downfalls. Easily holding 40 pounds, the weight pockets are attached to a harness. This takes the weight off your waist and hips, alleviating pressure on the lower back and allows the diver to place the weights at the exact position they want for ideal trim in the water – up, down, forward or back. And because the unit is separate from the BC, it’s easy to pick up. Should the weights need to be ditched, it can be done half at a time. Due to the weights being on a patented lanyard system, you still have the weights in your hand, allowing you another chance to decide if you really want to ditch the weights. Then if you do, the weights can be dropped away from the body. Back on land they can easily be restrung onto the harness.


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