High Tide
06/02 02:56 PM
06/03 03:40 PM
06/04 04:25 PM
06/05 05:12 PM
06/06 05:23 AM
06/07 06:15 AM
06/08 07:08 AM
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Volo by Mares
• Variable angle between the blade and foot pocket: 21° (+ 40° -30°) • System of expandable inserts for regulating and optimizing the thrust angle • Compact blade, incorporating the Channel Thrust Technology system, for optimal channeling of the fluid streams • Stabilizers to eliminate ankle torsion phenomena • Soft anatomical foot pocket, with ribbed insole for an improved fit and more efficient transmission of the kicking action • Innovative technopolymers for maximum elastic return, high durability, light weight and resistance to aging • Thermoplastic rubber coating on the ribs, for superior performance and maximum resistance to abrasion • Differential thickened sections in the blade and foot pocket, optimized at every point through detailed computer-aided structural analysis. • New ABS buckle, with slider catch system • One color: tech silver

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