High Tide
04/06 01:03 PM
04/07 01:41 PM
04/08 02:22 PM
04/09 03:05 PM
04/10 03:53 PM
04/11 04:46 PM
04/12 05:45 PM
04/13 06:47 PM
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Now is the time to learn scuba!

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The snorkeling program is designed to teach you the basic skills of snorkeling. You will learn and experience the fun of snorkeling in a heated pool.

During the pools sessions each student will be equipped with fins, mask, snorkel and buoyancy vest. Some of the skills you will learn include: Proper Equipment Selection Snorkel Clearing Surface Swimming & Surface Dives Proper Kicking Techniques Clearing Ears (equalizing) The program is fun and energetic. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to gain the confidence you may need snorkeling around the pool or around an ocean reef!

Tuition: $40.00
Textbook & Materials: $0.00
Deposit: $40.00

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*Note. AGE REQUIREMENT: Minimum of 8 years old EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENT: Recommended that students supply their own mask, fins , and towel. Rentals are available for $10.00. Snorkeling vests will be provided. FEE: $28.50 CERTIFICATION CARD PROCESSING: $20.00 (optional)

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