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The PADI ICE DIVER Course keeps us diving during those long winter months, depending on ice availability.

The course will consist of a classroom session from 6:30 - 9:30 pm and 1 weekend of open water dives.

Three dives under the ice are required for certification. We supply the specialty equip., you bring your personal dive equip. It is important that your regulator is in good working order. Drysuits are not required, many divers do it in a wetsuit!

Space is limited and deposits are needed to secure spots.

The PADI ICE DIVER Course will include topics such as reasons and opportunities for ice diving, equipment considerations, equipping the diver for ice diving, ice diving procedures, equipment problems and management, and many others.

Dives will be done as a group working as support personnel, divers, tenders, and safety divers. Divers under the ice will learn to control buoyancy, navigate under the ice, and keep in contact with the lead diver and tenders via line pulls.

Standard gear must include pressure gauge, depth gauge, compass, timing device/computer, dive knife, and a redundant air source {recommended, not required,i.e. doubles, pony bottle, spare air).

All safety and ice diving equipment will be supplied by instructors. Minimum age is 18 years. Advanced certification is required.

Tuition: $395.00
Textbook & Materials: $0.00
Deposit: $100.00

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*Note. Due to seasonal changes Divers Market may or may not be offering this described course at this time. Please be sure to check the training calendar for up to date course offerings. Some courses may be full. Registering for a course does not mean there is an open spot for you in the course. Courses may be canceled due to low enrollment, weather, or for other reasons at the discretion of Divers Market, Inc.. Be sure to check with the store at 508-746-3483.

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