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Underwater Digital Photography View Training Calendar

Want to improve the quality of your digital underwater photographs? Interested in purchasing an underwater camera, but don't know much about it? Here is the course for you.

The digital underwater photographer specialty course has two levels of certification. Level one provides the diver with the basic understanding, preparation, care and maintenance of the camera and housing and the basic techniques for taking underwater photographs while diving in an environmentally friendly manner. This class leads to the Digital Underwater Photographer Level One certification. The class starts with a lecture and review of basic underwater photography. The next step is to make a local dive where students use their cameras to take underwater photos. After the dive we will review the photos taken to quickly evaluate the results of your training and clean the photographic gear.

Level two is the full certification of the Digital Underwater Photographer and it expands the knowledge of underwater photography beyond level one. It starts with a lecture about underwater photography techniques and image formats. A dive is then made at another local site. After the dive students participate in a workshop where they download their photos using software that can manipulate the pictures to change aspects of the images and save it in different formats. A debriefing is held after that to discuss the results of their work where suggestions are made to help improve techniques and they rinse and clean the photographic gear.

Tuition: $195.00
Textbook & Materials: $49.50
Deposit: $100.00

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