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Research Diver Specialty Course View Training Calendar

Have you ever wondered what careers are available to you as a certified SCUBA Diver? research diving is a vital part of many branches of science. Here is a course that gives you an insight into what a research diver might do.

This interesting class is designed to teach a student the basic techniques and methods that are used to conduct underwater research in many branches of science.

In the classroom you will learn the guidelines and basic techniques used to conduct research diving. Outside you will practice ground truthing techniques, creating transect lines and baselines, standard search patterns and measuring techniques, and observation techniques.

Then we take everything you have learned and put it to use during two open water dives. Briefings will be held before each dive to assign research tasks to be completed. Once back onshore you prepare field notes and drawings to document your fieldwork. At the end of the day and completion of the course you will receive your PADI Research Diver certification. The course takes about eight hours: Two hours in the classroom, two hours on land and appropriately four hours conducting the two open water dives.

SPACE IS LIMITED SO PLEASE SIGN UP EARLY!! You must already have an open water diver certification to participate!

Please bring a divers slate for underwater note taking and measurements.

Tuition: $125.00
Textbook & Materials: $8.95
Deposit: $50.00

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*Note. You must pre-register for this course.

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