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The PADI Wreck Diver course will introduce you to many skills and techniques that will enable you to "bring the past into the present."

From 16th century galleons to World War II military ships to modern tankers and liners, a countless number of water-going vessels have tragically ended up on the bottom.

After years, and sometimes decades, of illusive submersion, these mysterious and ghostly images now support an abundance of marine life in an underwater community.

During the course students will be introduced into many different areas including: Reasons for wreck diving, Researching shipwrecks, Wreck diving and the law, Hazards and considerations, Mapping and Navigating wrecks, Wreck diving equipment, configurations, and streamlining, Penetration into wrecks, Air management, and Problem management to name a few.

Equipment considerations include all personal scuba equipment including mask, fins, and snorkel; proper exposure protection including hood, gloves, and boots; weight belt; BCD w/ power inflator; regulator w/ SPG, depth gauge, compass, and bottom timer; an alternate air source; dive slate; 2 dive lights (primary and back-up); dive knife (2 recommended); redundant air source; and PADI dive tables. In addition, some specialty wreck diving equipment that is recommended would include a wreck reel, lift bag, and a Jersey up-line.

After completing this course you will become a responsible, well informed, and safety conscious wreck diver with skills that you will benefit from on every dive.

Wreck Diver Specialty with Thousand Islands road trip:

It has been said the St. Lawrence Seaway has some of the best freshwater wreck diving in the world. We expect water temps. to be in the 70's all the way down to 100'. The cool fresh water has amazing preservation capacity. Hundreds of wrecks lie in the area with excellent visibility, reasonable water temps.,many shallow depths, and great preservation. This road trip should be on every wreck lover's list. Join us! This specialty course will include:

  • Classroom Orientation
  • Practice dive on Field & Sea in Hathaway's Pond
  • 2 wreck dives in Gloucester (student responsible for charter fees)Plus 2 more dives totaling 4 dives.
  • Thousands Islands Road Trip (student responsible for charter fees, Room & Board, Transportation to and from Thousand Islands)
  • Tuition: $350.00
    Textbook & Materials: $62.90
    Deposit: $100.00

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    *Note. You will learn a whole new way of gear configuration. Charter fees extra.

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