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R.E.E.F. Fish Identification Course View Training Calendar

Join REEF, along with PADI's Project AWARE, and add an exciting new dimension to your next dive. We all know that the world's reefs are endangered and how many marine life populations are declining. Defining the extent of the problem and evaluating management solutions require a continual flow of accurate data tracking marine life populations. Unfortunately, the scientific communities lack the personnel, time, and funding to gather this large amount of critical data. Now, with the help of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) and PADI's Project AWARE, recreational divers can assist in this valuable data collection by participating in a Fish Survey Program.

It's as easy as 1, 2, and 3! First, start by enrolling in a REEF Fish ID course. This short training class, followed by 2 open water dives, will teach you the names of local marine life you are likely to see in your area and how to identify them. Second, while on you next dive, take along a dive slate and record the names and abundance of the local marine life you see during your dive. Third, after the dive, record your sightings on the easy-to-use scanning form and return it to REEF headquarters.

The surveys are scanned into a database designed for marine life management studies to be used for conservation projects around the world. Members of REEF are invited to conduct surveys on every dive and submit their findings. REEF also invites you to participate in specialized surveys such as the week long Great American Fish Count or maybe join the REEF Team for a one week field survey at a favorite dive destination. This is a great way to enjoy the sport you have come to love and give something back so that future generations may enjoy as well.

This course is brand new for the New England area! One of our Instructors co-authored the training guidelines of this course while the program was being created. Take this course from the people who put it together.

Tuition: $125.00
Textbook & Materials: $19.50
Deposit: $50.00

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*Note. Includes REEF membership and PADI Project AWARE certification

Materials Kit includes: fish picture card, dive slate with lanyard, waterproof recording paper, and scanner sheets

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