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Do you have a problem finding your way back to shore or the boat? Do you often feel lost underwater? Then you might consider the PADI UNDERWATER NAVIGATION Course.

This course is designed to familiarize you with the skills and knowledge to plan and organize a dive using Underwater Navigation techniques.

The classroom section includes lectures on: Reasons for learning U\W Navigation, Methods of estimating distance underwater, Pre-Dive observations to assist you with navigation, The use of underwater patterns, Relocating a dive site, Proper compass techniques, and Natural navigation.

The Dive section includes practical skills like: Calculating each diver's kick cycle to estimate distance underwater, Swimming an underwater pattern, Navigating a straight line and its reciprocal, and Following an underwater compass course consisting of more than 4 different headings.

The course is FUN & EASY and is something you will use on every dive from now on. INCLUDES: - 3 Dives in 2 Days - Your own personal video of all the skills - PADI Scuba Sextant

Tuition: $99.00
Textbook & Materials: $34.65
Deposit: $99.00

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*Note. Register on-line. Materials include Nav-pak with video and manual.

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