High Tide
04/06 01:03 PM
04/07 01:41 PM
04/08 02:22 PM
04/09 03:05 PM
04/10 03:53 PM
04/11 04:46 PM
04/12 05:45 PM
04/13 06:47 PM
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Now is the time to learn scuba!

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SCUBA Tune-Up View Training Calendar

Prior to taking the pool session, students must first complete the Padi SCUBA Tune-Up eLearning class online. Click here to go to the elearning website, select Purchase an eLearning Course, then from the drop-down list, select SCUBA Tune-Up. The cost of this eLearning Class is $50.00 (payable online) and is in addition to the pool session described below.

The objective of this program is to offer certified divers the opportunity to refresh themselves under instructor or divemaster supervision on their academic and pool training. The instructor or divemaster will brief the participants on the skills they learned from their previous class experience. Its an easy and well informative 1 1/2 hour pool session.

You also have the option of doing two or four open water dives. You may feel that two dives in the open water is all you need for practice.

The price for open water dives is $50.00 per dive. You may opt for only one dive or do all four. Plus rentals. PREREQUISITE: Diving certification: PADI, NAUI, YMCA, SSI, NASDS etc.

Pool equipment is supplied.

Tuition: $85.00
Textbook & Materials: $65.00
Deposit: $65.00

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*Note. Gear is available for rent for Open Water Dives only.

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