High Tide
01/01 07:26 AM
01/02 08:20 AM
01/03 09:10 AM
01/04 09:57 AM
01/05 10:39 AM
01/06 11:19 AM
01/07 11:58 AM
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Now is the time to learn scuba!

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It's time to snorkel - a new and exciting way! Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth (SASY). For ages 5 to 9

Sasy lets you experience the underwater world the easy way - by snorkeling with scuba equipment instead of a snorkel.

I know what you're thinking. How does that work? It's easy. A SASY unit is basically a personal flotation device (PFD) with a scuba tank and regulator attached. This way, you float with the PFD, but with the scuba equipment attached, you're free to keep your head underwater so you don't miss any of the action beneath the surface. Snorkeling with SASY - it's fun, it's safe, it's easy!

Tuition: $35.00
Textbook & Materials: $0.00
Deposit: $35.00

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*Note. Book a SASY Birthday party for your child.

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